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The websites that I design and develop are exclusively built in WordPress. The WordPress system has core features and functions included, with almost limitless expansions and add-ons available to increase their functionality.

My primary focus is on crafting modern design and an effective user journey, not on coding. For this reason, I use a pre-coded premium theme to provide the backbone of the site and/or store, a set of system tools that provide kickass additional functionality, with premium plugins providing additional power when needed, depending on client needs.

This approach allows me to offer backend systems that are highly customisable and expandable in terms of available features and, for the most part, a system that is client-manageable through intuitive visual page builders and content management systems.

I offer training as an additional service to clients who would like to manage content updates themselves or, alternatively, I provide support and management services to upload new content on my clients’ behalf on a retainer basis should they require it.

System and software maintenance is an ongoing requirement for websites built using the WordPress platform, which is a service I offer as well. This ensures that your website remains secure and functioning optimally, with the latest software and plugin versions.

Every business has different products and needs so, in order to understand your specific requirements, please take a moment to fill in the questionnaire below relating to the features and functions you may need for your particular project. This will form the basis of the project brief from which your website would be quoted and developed. Depending on your system requirements, it will also help to establish whether any additional premium add-ons or expansions are required to meet your particular needs.



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I know this looks like a daunting form but I promise it’s not as scary as it looks!

The more I know about your project and your needs upfront, the easier it will be to make you something rocking. And if I know exactly what you need now, it avoids that whole uncomfortable conversation later about unforeseen expenses and the like. If, at any point, you’re unsure about something or feel that you need to explain a bit more, you’ll have two opportunities to give me more detail or ask any questions.

So in the interest of transparency and making you the best website ever, grab yourself a coffee, get comfy, and tell me about your project.


Shannon Hope

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